Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Have any of you heard of Soup Mamma? it is a word of mouth advertising company that advertises brand name items of signifigance to the public, you can join here - http://www.thesoup.com.au/default.aspx and recieve free products to try before the enter onto australian supermarket shelves.......now i know some of you out there may think....hey im not letting these guys scam me i understand that and on a typical day i would be thinking that too, but you can acctually go to the website and check everything out before you join to ensure you arent being taken for a ride....if it helps terms and conditions and privacy policy are listed at the bottom of the screen to enable you to read through before joining.

Some of the free samples given out recently have been items such as -
Snugglers Nappies
Huggies Baby wipes
Smirrnoff Vodka
Boag's Draught
Club Chocolate
Le Rice
and Nutrogena cleansing cream....just to name a few, so you can see for yourself that they have had something for everyone, and just spending a few minutes filling out a survey, you can get some free stuff....how cool is that!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know, I know i am super slack about updating here.

Just for all my loyal followers, that do acctually want to read my blog.....
www.Purpletartanturttle.com.au has just gained the 2010 knuffle kid 'wind up' range......which can be seen here www.knufflekid.com.au contact me for orders, info@purpletartanturtle.com.au

Also for those of you that are security concious, Purpletartanturtle.com.au now accepts paypal payments for those interested in paying via credit card.....

Its super steamy here in SA this november, so remember to slip, slop and slap and stay ultra cool. I know you will......:D

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ha ok yes i know ive been ultra slack this week in not posting anything, so instead im going to run my little saturday comp a touch early, and will end it monday night.

Here goes -

Im going to ask you to pick your favourite garment from my store http://www.purpletartanturtle.com.au/
and ask you to send me an email, telling me what you like about it. The most creative entry will win that garment, in your choice of size. (If we dont have that garment in the size your after, we will come to a compromise about another garment....)
my email is info@purpletartanturtle.com.au in case you dont know it.

Australian/ New Zealand residents only

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My cool picks for the week.

They are having a super sale on all of their t-shirts. at $10.00 each its an absolute steal. Here are just a couple i loved.

A littl poem stolen from another blog that i thought you all might appreciate.

The summers gone, the years have passed,
My friends have changed, a few did last.
The smallest dreams got pushed aside-
The largest ones, they changed my life.
And all I wished for has come to pass
From rock and roll, to love and cash.
It’s all success if it’s what you need,
Do what you like and do it honestly"

A little something not necessarily about doing things right, but about doing what you love, well.
A little like my business philosphy.

You may not get things right the first time, but do what you do well and respect others in doing so, and they'll forgive the mistakes, and come back time after time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lets try this again shall we.

Hello folks.

Welcome to the blog page of http://www.purpletartanturtle.com.au/.

For those of you that are friends, family or clients - I say thankyou for supporting me, and joining me here.

For those of you here for the first time - Welcome, and i hope you come back again.

This blog will be here 24/7 to keep you updated on whats new with me and my family, whats new with the store, and any discounts and freebies which may be coming your way, so keep coming back because you might pick up something great!

Well Purple Tartan Turtle has just recently celebrated its first birthday, and well we are still here so, with that i have to say thankyou to all clients who kept me and my dream alive. I must say i should really rename it Phoenix, because im surprised it has survived with the year me and my family have had. With me running around after my oldest, who has just gone 19 months old, my husband doing split shifts at work, losing my dear father in december to cancer, and giving birth to baby number 2 in febuary, its been super hectic, and i no longer know what sleep is. We have also recently purchased a block of land in country South Australia as well, and so now i am chasing a paper trail of plans and orders to get that ready for habitation early next year. - Saying all of that, if i dont reply to your emails immediately, please be patient, i will get to you, i just need a spare five minutes to do so.

Ok, moving on - now to tell you about Purple Tartan Turtle, bored with the simple household tasks and severely missing my old workaholic lifestyle a day of silliness evolved, involving a bottle of champagne and three giggly girlfriends. An idea hatched and after many months of planning, research and a whole lot of money. (Girls you know who you are THANKS!) PTT came to fruition in March 2008.

We stock such labels as Stardust Kids (UK), Itch, Knuffle Kid, Baby Banz, Monster Baby, Baby Legs, Pirate Mod (UK), Hot Saki (NZ), and Enfant Terrible.

We are constantly looking for new and funky labels to work with, dont hesitate to drop us a line if you think we might have an interest in your labels and or designs, or even if you know of a manafacturer/designer looking for clients. We are willing to give everyone a fair go, and are happy to work with handmade sellers as well.

Handmade labels currently in stock include Butterfly Garden, I Spider and my own label PTT. - Yes i design and make clothing too!

New labels soon to be joining PTT are Little Moo's, DirtBags and Off the Peg(handmade).
My current favourite garments in store include - see photo's above.
The first of which is my own Roller girl/ Hot Rod Pinafore - looks great on and perfect for any occasion.
The second of the photo's is the Mousey skull Tee By Enfant Terrible.
The Third is the amazing Skurvy Skirt bought to you by Knuffle Kid.
And the fourth is the Flamed Babylegs bought to you of course by Baby Legs,
All of which can be found in store here - www.purpletartanturtle.com.au
Ok now thats me done for today, check back later in the week for super special saturday, where you will find something special.
Night xx Suzanne.