Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Have any of you heard of Soup Mamma? it is a word of mouth advertising company that advertises brand name items of signifigance to the public, you can join here - http://www.thesoup.com.au/default.aspx and recieve free products to try before the enter onto australian supermarket shelves.......now i know some of you out there may think....hey im not letting these guys scam me i understand that and on a typical day i would be thinking that too, but you can acctually go to the website and check everything out before you join to ensure you arent being taken for a ride....if it helps terms and conditions and privacy policy are listed at the bottom of the screen to enable you to read through before joining.

Some of the free samples given out recently have been items such as -
Snugglers Nappies
Huggies Baby wipes
Smirrnoff Vodka
Boag's Draught
Club Chocolate
Le Rice
and Nutrogena cleansing cream....just to name a few, so you can see for yourself that they have had something for everyone, and just spending a few minutes filling out a survey, you can get some free stuff....how cool is that!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know, I know i am super slack about updating here.

Just for all my loyal followers, that do acctually want to read my blog.....
www.Purpletartanturttle.com.au has just gained the 2010 knuffle kid 'wind up' range......which can be seen here www.knufflekid.com.au contact me for orders, info@purpletartanturtle.com.au

Also for those of you that are security concious, Purpletartanturtle.com.au now accepts paypal payments for those interested in paying via credit card.....

Its super steamy here in SA this november, so remember to slip, slop and slap and stay ultra cool. I know you will......:D